A kid at heart

So I’ve been super lazy lately and have no motivation what so ever. I believe it’s a case of the winter blues, or just plain laziness. On that note, here is a simplistic mani that I call ‘ a kid at heart’ because it looks like a child drew it and, honestly, it’s as easy as simply painting your nails. All you need are your choice of 2 colours, scissors and tape.

1. Paint your nails then let them dry.
2. Fold the tape in half (but not all the way so you can peel it open) and cut half of a heart. Then open the tape.
3. Place the tape on the nail you prefer to have hearts and paint over with your other colour. And TADA your kindergarden class has finished their art project.



Black Tie Only

Had to get ready for a night out and since it was my good friends birthday I did not have much time.
Between cleaning, shopping, cooking and getting ready, this was my simple, yet elegant nail design option.
You can switch up the colors if you like. I was also planning on “half moon-ing” every nail, but then I decided to drink champagne instead. Can you blame me?



Santa Baby

Nothing screams that CHRISTMAS is just around the corner like SANTA nails. So I decided to give my nails a little break and not paint them. I used triple power for base coat to let my nails heal and get the vitamins they need to avoid turning yellow. And TADA. Santa Baby was born. Nice and easy and very festive. Try them. I bet it will put a smile on your face showing them off. 😊




Half moon Sponging

I will never get sick of the “sponging” look. I am not sure if there is a REAL name for it, but I’m going to stick to SPONGING!!!
You can paint your nails any base color you like. Then grab a piece of a sponge, dap some color you want to shade onto your base coat and TADA.
The more you sponge the darker the color will be. I am in love.
Here, I used white base, sponged with grey, blue and purple for the half moons and black for the tips. But you can use any color you like. This nail inspiration came from Chelsea King whom I follow on Instagram. Her nail designs are awesome.
I’ve sponged many color combinations but I think that grey on white is still my favorite. Let me know what you think OR if there are any color combinations you would like to see and I can try them for you.



Christmas Glitter Party

Seems like every weekend that I do not have any plans I end up doing my nails over and over, AND OVER AGAIN! I end up saving so many ideas, adorable nail designs, that I am dying to try and since I am SUPER inpatient, I end up doing a few designs in one day. Which is probably not the best idea for my nails. So I decided to share one with you which I call “Christmas Glitter Party”. I know right ? But there’s SO MUCH GLITTER!!!!
I started with Orly bonder ( not sure why since I get so bored of the same ole nails I change them all the time) or any base coat/color you would like showing through.
Martha Stewart crafting glitter. But you can use any loose glitter you like.
A clear top coat and a black color for the outline.

Now I’m thinking that this will be a pain In my butt to remove because of all the glitter. BUT IT’S SOOOO SPARKLY. 😀